Bhagvad Charan Anuragi Vaishnav,

We hope that you and your family is doing well and is safe and healthy. The year 2021 is almost over and soon we will be welcoming 2022. We the Vraj leadership committee on behalf of the Governing Council and Executive Committee wish you a Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year and pray Shri Nathji Bawa to bestow thy grace for the Health, Happiness, Prosperity and Devotion.

We are all facing the ongoing pandemic challenge and at time it gets very difficult to cope up with the situation. We have taken precautions at Vraj and will continue to follow CDC guidelines. We hope to receive your continued cooperation in following the guidelines (wearing masks and maintaining social distance) so as to keep us all safe and healthy while you are at Vraj.

Many a times there would have been situations where you could not visit Vraj on our annual events. We have started utilizing social media (Youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram) to broadcast the highlights of the same after each event. Typically, there are 8 regular events that we celebrate each year. The sponsorship for these events as Sevak Manorathi is $ 151 each, amounting to over 1,200 Dollars.However, you can sponsor all the 8 yearly events as Sevak Manorathi for $ 1,001.00

We have attached an Annual Manorathi Donation Form and the Events List for 2022. Hope you can become the Annual Manorathi – Sponsor.

Vraj continues to make improvements so that you have a better experience while you visit Vraj. We have a few more capital projects that we want to undertake in the next 3-5 years. These are planned with the younger generation in mind. They too can also have fun and some activity while at Vraj:

Due to the kind and generous support of our community such as yourself, through donations, we have sustained our daily operations throughout 2020 and this year and continue to make progress in the future As the year 2021 is ending, you can still take the advantage of tax deductions by making your charitable donations to Vraj. No amount is small and your donation would help with operational, capital project and needs of Vraj. Moreover that would also help us continue with the offering of Manoraths to Shrinathji Bawa.

With warm regards and best wishes,
Vraj Paramarshak, Chairman - Governing Council and President - Executive Committee

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