Over Five Thousand years ago, THE ULTIMATE DIVINE known as Param Brahm Parmatma, took a human form as KRISHNA. He grazed & nurtured cows with Gops & Gopis and played in and around Gokul & Brindaban. It is said that Gops & Gopis were Sages in the previous birth and in-spite of worshipping for umpteen years; they could not comprehend the Path to The Divine. The close proximity of KRISHNA and their dedication resulted in the communion with THEE. Since then, the land around Gokul & Brindaban came to be known as:

The Place where one could have communion with The Divine
The Holy land, Hindus crave to go for a Pilgrimage
Where one experiences closeness to The Divine

Hindus settled in North America have endeavored to replicate that environs of VRAJ, so that they too could satiate their craven for Yatra - Pilgrimage in the Western World between their trips to Bharat - India.

This web site is for: The Vraj of The Western World

Nestled in the serene valley of the Blue Mountains of Central Pennsylvania the 265 acres Campus of VRAJ houses the Principal Western Hemisphere Shrine of manifested in an icon - Swaroop of SHRINATHJI. The Shrine is accredited by the Prime Pontiff of Vaishnavism His Divine Holiness Shree 108 Tilakayatjee of Nathdwara, India. The Campus has Adhibhautik - Physical (water body) as well as Adhidaivik - spiritual (an icon in a temple) forms of Shree Yamunajee, Mount Govardhan - Shree Girirajjee and a Kutir - Hermitage dedicated to Jagadguru Shree KRISHNA Vallabhacharya Mahaprabhujee.

Over the past quarter century, VRAJ Campus has blossomed in to:

Yatra Dham - The Place for Pilgrimage
Bhartiya Samaskar Sankool - A Campus imparting Indian Culture

Phone :- 570-754-7577 and 570-754-3510

VRAJ Address - 51 Manor Road Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972 , Directions
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